Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bay of Fundy Sharks

Happy Shark Awareness Day, blog friends!!

We are well underway with our 2015 Shark Fishing/Tagging season and we are so pleased to say that we have successfully deployed TWO satellite tags!!

Each of our tags is set to record the sharks coordinates, depth and water temperature and data will be relayed via satellite when the shark is at the surface!

Pictured below are a few of the sharks from this season.... reeled in with the help of our amazing guests, tagged by our biologists on board and released healthy! The results of fishing with the pros!!

This shark was named Rosie by our guests fishing with us.
A distinguishing dark circle on the top of her Rostrum is a great ID for her.
Independence, caught on July 4th, is a large robust female.
Our first shark of the year, this big 92" female has yet to be named.
We will be having a contest to see if we can find a name that suits her!

Thanks so much for checking in with us! It has been one awesome 2015 so far and fingers crossed, it keeps getting better!


Nicole :)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Whales, Wildlife and so much more on the Bay of Fundy!

Thinking about experiencing the Bay of Fundy? We've got everything you're looking for!

Island Quest offers truly unique and authentic whale and wildlife cruises. While on board with us have a chat with our Marine Biologists who are narrating your tour or with one of our local captains. Experience the worlds highest tides, nesting sea birds and of course our awesome marine mammals!

Cute Harbour Seals

Lots of curious Minke Whales

Juvenile Bald Eagle in the nest
Stunning vistas from the ultimate whale watch platform!

Come join St. Andrews most recommended whale and wildlife cruises for the adventure of a lifetime!


Nicole :)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Winter Wildlife on the Bay of Fundy with the Island Quest Family

We are so fortunate to be from and live in such a beautiful place year round! Yesterday we had the opportunity to head out and do some birding in and around the Fundy Isles and we were able to capture some great shots!
Common Eider Ducks
Our trip started off with these beautiful ducks, male and female common Eiders. Males exhibit the white and black plumage while the females are a lovely warm brown. Rafts of these ducks can be found all over at this time of year, with the occasion gull species mixed in! You never know what you may see when looking in these groups, just the day before a King Eider was spotted but alas, we missed it this trip.

Male Bufflehead
Our next stop led us to this handsome man, a male Bufflehead. When seen in darker lighting these ducks appear to be strictly black and white but when the sun hits the head, you see the gorgeous iridescence!

Harbour Seal
And of course to round out our trip we couldn't miss spending some time with a marine mammal or two! This busy harbour seal was playing in the Old Sow at the tip of Deer Island at high tide.

We were lucky to witness a spectacular sunset and even more lucky to enjoy that sunset on the water between the islands.

Check back in for more photos from beautiful St. Andrews by-the-sea and surrounding area and updates on the BEST whale watching company in New Brunswick :)


Nicole :)
Winter sunset with the Island Quest Whale and Wildlife family. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A chilly January in St. Andrews!

Brr! What a beginning to 2015!

2015 has started off with a blast, a blast of cold air! Air temperatures have been hovering around -25°c (-13°f) with water temperatures of around 4°c (39°f). 

A chilly view of Passamaquoddy Bay.
Cold air temperatures mixed with warmer water temperature creates the smoke you see on the water in the photo above, which makes for great sunrises and sunsets!

We have been recapping some of our favourite Island Quest Whale Watching moments from 2014 on our Facebook and Twitter pages and here are just a couple photos!

Minke whale breaches right beside the Island Quest while whale watching in the Bay of Fundy!

A VERY close encounter with a Finback whale from the Island Quest while whale watching from St. Andrews.

After much deliberation and consulting with our awesome whale watching friends, we had to share these two photos from our 2014 Whale and Wildlife watching season. 

The first photo is one in a series of many that was taken that trip. We had a very energetic Minke that wanted to show off for our whale watching guests, breaching in excess of 100 times! Whale watching truly at its best!

The second photo shows the HUGE rostrum (snout) of a large Finback whale (approx. 70 feet) just about to surface within inches of the Island Quest! The fuzzy thing in the bottom left side of the photo is actually a guests head!! Such an unreal experience! 

If you want to see the video from this, here is the link to the video on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152249310196432&set=vb.62722301431&type=2&theater 

We will be adding more of our favourite moments from the 2014 season here regularly so check back in! :) 

Can't wait to see all of you this summer aboard the BEST whale watching boat in New Brunswick - The Island Quest!


Nicole :)