Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 2013

Good Morning Friends!

We have been fortunate to have some fantastic weather these last few days! Sightings have included lots of Bald Eagles, Eider ducks, Kittiwakes, Loons, many species of gull and Harlequin ducks just to name a few of the birds we've seen. We also have been sighting tons of Harbour Seals, Harbour Porpoise and of course - Minke whales! :)

Yesterday we had the pleasure of watching two Minke whales feeding together - what an amazing sight! 

Daily sightings of mature and juvenile bald eagles have been fantastic - swooping down and catching fish right in front of us!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone this summer aboard St. Andrews BEST whale watcher, the Island Quest! :)
Enjoy the Bay our way :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Opening Day!

Happy Opening Day!!

Celebrating our 15th season as St. Andrews most recommended whale watch, we are gearing up for our first trip of the 2013 season. We have a 2:00pm departure leaving today, on what is sure to be a fantastic cruise. With reports of whales from the local fishermen and amazing weather, this trip is not to be missed! 
Come experience the Bay of Fundy our way :)

We are looking forward to seeing everyone out this summer aboard the Island Quest! We cannot wait to share this experience with you!


Nicole :)