Sunday, July 21, 2013

July Whales and Wildlife!

Fantastic Whales and Wildlife!

Happy late July everyone! We've had an eventful few weeks with lots of whale activity! The Minke and Finback whales have been entertaining our guests, along with tons of Harbour and Grey seals, lots of Harbour porpoise and of course all the bird life we see! Here are a few photos of our sightings so far! :) 

An up close look at a Minke Whale! We average 3-6 Minke whales on every departure! :)

 American Bald Eagle sightings have been fantastic so far! Lots of adults and juveniles - we even get to stop and take a look at eaglets (baby eagles) in a nest!!

 Harbour Seals relaxing at their usual haul out site - they looked relaxed!
 Slice - one of our favorite Minke whales visits often and definitely puts on a good show! :)
 Mom and baby Harbour Pospoise.
 Osprey fishing right in front of us - lost the fish but there is always next time!
 Lots of Harbour Porpoise getting close to the boat with lots of fish in the area for them to feed on!
 Fin whales are HUGE and so COOL to see! We love spending time with these gentle giants!
 Bliss light house on an evening departure - such beautiful scenery.
 One of the many creatures our marine biologists talk about onboard with our touch tank! Great for kids and kids at heart!
And let's not forget about our fish friends! We have been sighting some sharks this season! So very COOL!!!

Last but not least - we have that energetic female Minke from last year that breached, breaching again :) This photo was taken by one of our guests aboard the Island Quest! Lots of activity in the Bay this year. 

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Nicole :)