Monday, July 25, 2011

Finback Whales!

Just a quick update from the crew at Island Quest, the weather in the past few days has improved and we have had great success with whale sightings! Today was phenomenal for Finback sightings (Fin whales are the second largest mammals in the world - reaching lengths of 80 feet!) I have included a photo of one of our "Junior Captains" - a chance to drive the Island Quest and make a memory that will last a lifetime!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shark Fishing Anyone?

Talk about an amazing day for Shark Fishing aboard the SeaFox! Captain Chris and 3 amazing guests had the opportunity to hook on to three Porbeagle Sharks! The three sharks were very large - approximately 8-9 feet in length and weighing 135-160kgs (300-350lbs)!!

Porbeagle sharks are a stout-bodied shark that resemble their relatives the great white! Acheiving lengths of 8-12 feet the Porbeagle is a large shark that feeds on the many types of fish found in the Bay of Fundy.

If you are interested in 1/2 day Sport Fishing or our full day Shark Fishing experience - contact us at 1-(888)-252-9111 or email us at !


Nicole :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Whales, Wildlife and Weather..

The Fin's have come to stay here in the Bay of Fundy, Island Quest has been sighting the friendly giants on many of our departures to our guests enjoyment. Not only have the Fin's been cooperating, our favorite, the small Minkes have been curious and playful as well.