Friday, July 25, 2014

Great White Shark in the Bay of Fundy - Island Quest

Good Evening Wildlife Enthusiasts!

If you haven't already heard, there has been a sighting of a large Great White Shark just minutes from St. Andrews in Passamaquoddy Bay, a small section of the Bay of Fundy!

Great White Shark Sighted close to shore - Bay of Fundy. Island Quest Marine.
We are privileged to have St. Andrews Sport Fishing Co., part of Island Quest Marine Whale and Wildlife Cruises, working with Dr. Steve Turnbull - a Bay of Fundy resident Shark Biologist to do research on and help conserve shark populations in the Bay! Together with Dr. Steve and St. Andrews Sport Fishing we offer the once in a lifetime experience of catching, tagging and releasing large sharks in the Bay of Fundy! The most extreme fishing adventure you can imagine with Shark Biologists on board to tag these amazing creatures!

Not only have we had some amazing shark sightings, but the whales have been performing some phenomenal acrobatics! Check out this Minke whale in a full BREACH! :)
Breaching Minke whale captured on a whale and wildlife cruise with Island Quest Marine. 
Amazing! This is one of 30+ breaches we got to witness and we even had 2 whales breaching at the same time!! We have been so lucky to have regular sightings of these awesome animals along with all our usual favourites; Harbour seals, Grey seals, Harbour Porpoise, Bald Eagles and even those awesome sharks!! :)

Hope to see you all soon aboard St. Andrews most recommended whale and wildlife cruise, the Island Quest!! :)